Your Guide to Radio Advertising Costs UK

Your Guide to Radio Advertising Costs UK

A lot of people listen to the radio. 89% of the UK listen to the radio each week.

And many of the 600 UK radio stations target specific people.

From age, location and interest.

Retail brands and car dealers have the most to gain from a radio campaign.

With some reporting exceptional performance.

But how much does it cost to advertise on radio?

And what results can you expect?

What You Will Learn

✔️ How much does it cost to advertise on the radio?
✔️ Do radio ads offer good ROI?
✔️ How do I get started with radio ads?

What you could pay for Radio advertising

Most radio campaigns are at least £2,000 a month.

You can start with less on smaller stations. But the smaller the cost, the smaller the audience.

Local radio stations could be as low as a few hundred pounds a week.

Bigger stations like Heart and Capital FM will cost considerably more. Often tens of thousands for top slots.

The price of a radio ad will depend on these factors.

Most popular radio channels in the UK
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The more people who listen to the station, the higher the cost.

Radio airtime is often charged at a rate of £2 for 30 seconds, per thousand listeners.

That’s less than £200 on a local radio station.

But a lot more on national radio stations like Heart. Who claim to attract 10.3 million listeners every week.

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A radio ad on a regional station costs less than a national one.

  • National station Heart London costs around £450 per 30 second advert.
  • Regional station Heart Dorset costs as little as £40. For the same 30 second advert.

Regional stations are cheaper, however will give you a lower reach.

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Time of day

The time your ad plays makes a big impact on the cost.

Nearly a quarter of live radio hours are heard while travelling. As a result, slots for this time cost a lot more.

Morning rush hour is a good example of higher costs for radio airtime.

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Radio advertising relies heavily on how many times someone hears your ad.

The more someone hears your ad. The more likely they will become a customer.

But the more you play your ad, the higher the costs.

The opportunity to hear (OTH), is how many times the average listener will hear your ad. The higher the frequency, the greater the OTH, and the stronger the impact your advert has. 

To catch the attention of listeners it’s important to repeat your ads. 

Make sure to budget for repeat plays. The more the better.

Most radio stations will also discount bookings for repeat slots.

production costs icon

Production Costs

A typical radio ad with one voice over and music starts from £200.

Some businesses produce a custom song. A jingle.

But these can cost a lot more.

A memorable song has proven to be an effective way to advertise on radio. And many radio stations do offer in-house production.

Why advertise your business on radio?

Radio reaches millions of people.

It’s straightforward to get started. Doesn’t need a large budget. And ideal for promoting at short notice.

They can be targeted by age, gender and location. Giving businesses control over who hears their ad.

Grow your business

75% of people make judgments on a companies credibility based on their website

Converting high quality customers starts with getting your website right.

ROI of radio advertising

A good radio ad can give you a return of up to £7.70 for every pound spent.

The Radio Centre found that brands using radio to advertise get their money back nearly 8 times on average. 

With £614 million spent on radio advertising every year, many businesses make it work for them.

It’s important to have a web design with a clear message. 

Because often your website is what tracks your return on investment. 

To get the most out of your radio ad we would always recommend hiring a marketing agency.


How to get started with radio advertising

To get started you need a clear message. One that will connect with your ideal customers. 

You can hire a marketing agency to help you get this right.

Or you can do it yourself. 

Going DIY might sound like the lower cost option. But you could risk losing a lot of money with a poor campaign.

If you do decide you want to talk to a marketing professional, Rebel Websites may be able to help you.

You can send us a message here.

Global and Bauer media are the two biggest radio media companies.

If you want to do it yourself you can contact them directly for rates.

Don't Waste Your Marketing Budget

Investing in any marketing without a website that compels people to buy your product could be costly. Get a website that drives you sales.

Alternatives to radio advertising

Even with an excellent ROI, there are limitations to advertising on radio.

  • You can’t track return on investment effectively.
  • It may not be the best channel for your business.
  • You could get better results with a holistic approach.

Marketing online can provide much higher accuracy. And often quicker results.

Rebel Websites works with ambitious businesses looking to grow their business.

If you’re confused where to start, or fed up with poor marketing. Maybe we can help.

Get in touch here.

Advertising on Radio Pros and Cons Table

Quick answers to questions about Radio Ads

How much does it cost to advertise on radio?

Most radio campaigns are at least £2,000 a month. Regional stations cost less, and national stations cost considerably more. 

How do I advertise for free on the radio?

Partnering with a regional radio station to offer a prize or giveaway is one option for promoting your business for free. You could also try contacting stations to ask for opportunities to go on air for an interview or to be an expert guest.

How much does it cost to produce a radio ad?

Producing a radio ad starts at around £200 for a 30 second advert. But some radio stations offer in-house production.

Will I make my money back if I advertise on the radio?

On average, radio offers £7.70 for every £1 spent on strategic ads. To increase effectiveness of your campaign, keep your message clear, concise and catchy. We recommend hiring a marketing agency to help you get the most for your money.

Radio Ads Insider Tip

Wrapping up

Now you know:

  • Radio ads cost at least £2,000 a month.
  • Retail brands and car dealers have the most to gain from radio ads.
  • Regional stations cost less than national ones.
  • Tracking ROI can be challenging.
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